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Real Estate Development

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One of the more active areas of our real estate practice involves real estate development.

We assist our clients from the beginning of land purchase, through the documentation and development process. Our Real Estate attorneys understand the regulatory complexities of development and can offer expertise in zoning, environmental and title issues. Our goal is to always protect our clients’ interests by assisting them in making informed decisions and to be there to help facilitate the development.

To learn more about how we can help you with your real estate development, please contact one of our Real Estate attorneys.

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The attorneys at Cavitch, Familo & Durkin of Cleveland, Ohio assist our clients from the beginning of negotiations, through the documentation and due diligence process, to the completion of the closing. Read more about acquisitions. 


Our Real Estate attorneys along with our Capital and Finance attorneys understand the regulatory complexities facing lenders and have firsthand, real world experience that enables them to guide both lenders and borrowers when negotiating loan covenants and identifying collateral, and properly perfecting security interests in specific items or classes of collateral. Read more about financing.


Our Real Estate attorneys, along with our Capital and Finance attorneys, fully understand the complexities of syndicating the ownership of real estate. Read more about syndication.

Operation and Disposition

Our Real Estate attorneys provide a focused analysis when advising clients with their real estate portfolio and work with a team of outside financial advisors when appropriate. Read more about operation and disposition.


Our Real Estate attorneys handle all kinds of real estate leases which include oil and gas leasing. Read more about leasing.