Cavitch Familo & Durkin, Co., L.P.A.

Practice Areas

Cavitch is foremost a trusted advisor to businesses and families. We are a Cleveland, Ohio law firm with clientele from around the globe as our attorneys specialize in a wide-spanning range of practice areas, from estate planning services and general litigation services to legal involvement in high-dollar business succession plans and transactions.

The respected attorneys at Cavitch have backgrounds, experience and distinct training in multiple areas of law not limited to family law, elder law, real estate law, employment law (including wrongful discharge investigation and defense), ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security) and employee benefits, and probate litigation.  Our professionals come from diverse professional backgrounds, with experience in many practice areas including business law, business succession planning, estate planning, capital and finance, and litigation.

With the law firm’s history and roots being from the areas of business law, commercial law and practice of civil law in business our law office regularly collaborates with accountants, tax and financial planning experts, valuation experts, investigators, counselors, and other consultative professionals with the purpose of providing diverse legal intelligence and demonstrative capability in the court room for the best possible outcome in your case.

Expanding Practice Areas

As Cavitch has grown over the years, never forgetting our commitment to being a trusted advisor to businesses and families we work with, so has the number of lawyers at our law firm as well as the expertise and areas of practice that we cover. Beyond commercial, business and employment law our firm has been fortunate to add highly qualified, respected and experienced attorneys in a breadth of practice areas over the past few decades and now cover Elder Law, Disability and Special Needs Planning, Family Law, Estate Planning, Probate and Trust Litigation, Real Estate Law as well as Business Law, Capital and Finance and Employment Law.  If you have a legal concern and need an attorney in almost any area, contact our Cleveland based law firm, located on East Ninth Street downtown at 216-621-7860 or use our Contact Us form.