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Parental Relocation

When a parent decides to relocate, the parent-child relationship can be irreparably impaired or damaged unless proper provisions and schedules are implemented.  Whether you are the relocating parent or you want to dispute the relocation of the other parent, our family law attorneys are familiar with the laws surrounding parental relocation and out-of-state parenting issues.

Potential reasons for relocation include: job transfer, employment, increase/decrease in income, extended family, remarriage, illness, familial support, etc.

Our attorneys are determined to work with you to negotiate satisfactory and practical terms to maintain contact with the child(ren), explain the overall process, and protect your parental rights.

Our attorneys will work hard to make sure that the parent who is not relocating continues to maintain the same type of access to his or her child(ren) through special long-distance parenting time schedules, telephone contact and Skype access.  If you are the relocating parent, our attorneys will also work hard to ensure that you are permitted to relocate.

If you have relocation questions, please contact one of our family law attorneys as soon as possible to find out how they can help.