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Commercial Lending

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Commercial lending can be a long tedious process. Our Capital and Finance attorneys provide a focused analysis in loan structuring, restructuring and loan modifications. We represent banks, institutional lenders and private lenders in connection with asset-based and real estate loan transactions. Our knowledge and experience across a spectrum of clients and types of financing allows us to provide additional counsel in the areas of Corporate Governance, Regulatory Compliance and a wide array of asset based lending.

To learn more about commercial lending, please contact one of our Capital and Finance attorneys as soon as possible to find out how we can help.

Debt Restructure / Bankruptcy

Our Capital and Finance attorneys provide a focused analysis when advising lenders, borrowers, and trade creditors with respect to troubled assets and debts. Read more about debt restructure/bankruptcy.

Trade Credit / Commercial Collections

We can help you prior to the sale by crafting contractual language that can insulate you from the cost of collections without offending customers and ensuring that you retain a perfected security interest in consigned goods. Read more about trade credit/commercial collections.

Secured Transactions

Our attorneys have experience with all aspects of secured transactions from initial perfection through levy and sale. Read more about secured transactions.

Private Equity / Venture Capital

If your company wants to raise capital or if it has been invited to accept mezzanine financing, let our experienced Capital and Finance attorneys work with you to achieve results while ensuring your peace of mind. Read more about private equity.