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  • Is a Retail Bankruptcy Boom Looming?

    With consistent weakness in department stores’ fourth quarter financials being widely reported in recent weeks, there’s quite a bit of buzz in the insolvency community that some form of a retail bankruptcy Read More

  • New York Commercial Division: Notable Rule Changes for 2017

    In the Fall of 2016, the Commercial Division of the New York Supreme Court announced a series of proposed revisions to the Rules of the Commercial Division (22 NYCRR 202.70[g]), which govern Read More

  • We Have To Stop Them!

    OBTAINING RESTRAINING ORDERS AND INJUNCTIONS IN CIVIL BUSINESS LITIGATION In many civil disputes, it is simply not enough for a party to file a Complaint against another party and await a trial, a Read More

  • No Written Employment Agreement, No Problem.

    Ohio Law Allows an Employer to Sue an Errant Employee In The Absence of an Employment Agreement Some business owners are under the false impression that if they do not have a Read More

  • Don’t Lose Your Right To Arbitrate A Dispute

    Arbitration has been touted as a cure all for businesses over the years. As part of the arbitration push, the business community has been urged to add clauses into contracts mandating the Read More