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Yao Liu is a member of Cavitch’s Corporate Practice and China Practice group, concentrating on corporate law, mergers and acquisitions and cross-border transactions. Licensed to practice law in both Ohio and New York, Mr. Liu has extensive experience in domestic and cross-border merger and acquisition transactions, joint ventures, investment, venture capital and private equity transactions, licensing, distribution and international trade transactions.

Grown up in China and trained in both Chinese and U.S. law schools, Mr. Liu has been utilizing his deep knowledge of both U.S. and Chinese legal systems, customs, languages and cultures to strengthen business relationships and resolve business disputes for clients globally. Mr. Liu is frequently advising clients on expanding their business ventures in both the U.S. and China.

Mr. Liu majored in Chinese law during his undergraduate and earned his Juris Doctor degree cum laude from Case Western Reserve University Law School with a concentration in Business Organization. Mr. Liu is named by Super Lawyers as 2022 Ohio Rising Star, a distinction given only to the top 2.5% of lawyers under the age of 40. Mr. Liu is also a graduate of Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association Leadership Academy, Cleveland Council on World Affairs Richard W. Pogue Fellowship, and is current serving as a member on Case Western Reserve Law School Alumni Board. Mr. Liu is a frequent writer and speaker on cross-border transactions.

As a bi-lingual (native in Chinese and fluent in English) and bi-cultural lawyer from China, trained in both the United States and China, Mr. Liu has extensive knowledge and experience in establishing and strengthening business relationships for international clients and businesses globally.

The following is a brief representation of recent transactions for Mr. Liu:

• A pest control company in its sale of assets (over $7M) to a public-traded company.

• A trucking company in its sale of stock (over $13M) to a private equity group.

• A doctors’ group in its various investments in medical labs.

• An investment group in its acquisition of real properties and financing (over $13M).

• An appliances manufacturer in its acquisition and later divestiture of a China-based company.

• A U.S. automobile parts distributor in its joint venture in China.

• A Chinese private equity firm in its investment (over $20M) in a U.S.-based electric vehicles company.

• A Chinese public-traded company in its acquisition of a U.S.-based logistics company.

• A Chinese venture capital firm in its investment in a U.S.-based medical device company and joint venture in China.

• A Chinese automobile company in its investment in a U.S.-based company.

• A Chinese water treatment company in its U.S. subsidiary compliance assessment before IPO.


刘瑶律师是美国俄亥俄州克利夫兰市的一名律师,具有纽约州和俄亥俄州律师资格。刘律师主要从事公司综合法律事物 (包括公司治理及法律遵守),并购,公司融资借贷(包括资产担保贷款,周转金贷款,夹层融资等),房地产,国际投资,资本市场,信托,复杂争议解决等业务领域,具体包括从事交易的尽职调查,交易结构设计,谈判,交易文件起草等,地域涉及中国,美国和全球各地。刘律师对于中国和美国法律事物具有广泛和渊博的专业知识,在金融,医疗,工业及制造业,房地产与建筑,运输及餐饮等领域具有丰富的经验。刘律师致力于帮助中国投资者在美国投资。